Residential Snow Blowing Service

No more shoveling your driveway! Ehlinger Lawn those beautiful Winter snowfalls less of a pain in the back. Our Residential Snow Blowing Service means that after every official snowfall of 1″ or more your driveway will automatically be cleared – no need to call. We also use tractors with snow blowers so there are no large snow piles at the edge of your lawn or end of driveway.

Our Residential Snow Blowing Service includes:

  • Snow blowing of your driveway every time it snows 1″ or more, no need to call.
  • Complete season of coverage from first snowfall to the last.
  • Because we use snow blowers, your lawn doesn’t get ruined from over-plowing.
  • Plowing of driveway only – no shoveling and no sidewalks are included.
  • Our experienced snow crews work day or night to ensure timely service.
  • The same high-quality service our commercial customers have received for over 20 years.
  • During an average snow season we will service our residential customers about 20 times, all for one flat price. There is no additional charge if it snows more.
  • Extremely cost-effective with driveways starting at $425 for an entire season, double-wide driveways at $425, triple-wide driveways at $445 and individual pricing for other driveways!

If you have additional questions view our FAQ page to learn more.